Feeling Healthier. Getting Stronger

Meet Wendy Myers, a member of the Central Parkway YMCA, and recent participant in the Y-Weight weight loss program. The Y-Weight program provides great information on how to eat healthier and how to incorporate nutrition and physical activity into your life.  The program also addresses how to stay motivated, facing obstacles and pitfalls that make losing weight - and keeping it off - such a challenge.

“I loved the Y-Weight program,” Wendy said. “It was like having my own personal trainer.”  Wendy lost 20 pounds over the course of the five-week program, led by Central YMCA Health and Wellness Director Elizabeth Frazier.

As a mother of three, she says her daughter was her inspiration in joining the program and to continue on her fitness journey.  “It is important to me to show my daughter how fitness should fit into your life,” Wendy said. “My daughter is about to hit those pre-teenage years, where it’s hard enough on a girl, but even harder if you’re overweight.” 

Wendy’s transformation throughout the program was noticed by her family, and has become a daily topic of discussion at the dinner table. “We don’t ever use the words fat or skinny… we use healthy,” she said. “I don’t want my daughter to ever have the negative body image that I had to deal with growing up.”

The Y-Weight program ended in December 2016, but Wendy continues to work-out at the Y four times a week, taking advantage of the free group exercise classes that are included with every membership. She credits the Central Parkway YMCA staff for continued encouragement and motivation.

“I love the fact that when I walk into the Y it feels like everyone knows you. The instructors are approachable and everyone makes you feel welcome,” Wendy said. “There’s just a really good atmosphere of encouragement, and I have not seen that in any other fitness facility that I have belonged to.”



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